Meet the team

We’re both dreamers with a very clear vision about our creative work.


Blake & Justyna

Owners- Chef - Pitmaster - Brewmaster,

Adventure Wedding & Elopement Photographer

We met over 20 years ago as a Chef and a Waitress, and have been working hard ever since building our dream brewpub. Blake has been in kitchens or managing restaurants for over 2 decades, in addition, has taught a number of homebrewing classes and immersed himself in everything Colorado craft beer has to offer! Justyna owns and runs her wildly successful Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photography business, which has taken both of them all over the world, cooking, brewing, and taking photos! We're so glad you came to visit! Cheers!



General Manager - Chief of Hop-erations

Practically a Colorado native. Allergic to all stinging insects, terrified of snakes, hockey fanatic, beer enthusiast, piano plunker. Loves playing tennis in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and drinking beer year-round.


Ryan "Baby Duck"

Head Brewer - Director of Hop Usage

I've been homebrewing, commercial brewing, and working at brew-shops for the last 5 years around Colorado! Absolutely love this industry. If you don't find me in the brewhouse, you can find me at Red Rocks, an Av's game, a local brewery, or up on the slopes.



Executive Sous Chef

Toph is a recent graduate in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson and Wales here in Denver. Hobbies include seeking different bold culinary flavors and incorporating them into our dishes. "I jump out of airplanes and eat fire."



Kitchen Manager

Nick moved to Colorado from North Dakota several years ago and never looked back! He's deeply passionate about hockey, especially the Avs, and plays adult league hockey in his spare time. Always say hi to Nick, but be careful patting him on the back, he's fragile.


Cook - Reserve Pitmaster

I am a personable, loyal and dedicated individual who has the ambition to succeed. I have an extensive thirst for life and all it has to offer. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. You can find me attending major sporting events, golfing, cooking, while enjoying a cold beer.



Assistant Taproom Manager - Beertender

Danielle moved up from NOLA a few years ago and loves the Colorado lifestyle. She enjoys Colorado craft beer, loves dogs, and kickboxing!

Danielle absolutely loves chicken tenders, and every once in a while she might hit you with a , "Hey, hey, hey, how about some chicken today!"



Line Cook - Beertender

Recently moved to Colorado from Tennessee. Newish to cooking and bartending, but absolutely love food, beer, and my cat. My cats name is Sweet Thang and she loves it here in Colorado!



Beertender - Mixologist

West is a recent Colorado implant from Tennessee. Loves beer, music, and everything in-between. West enjoys coming up with creative cocktails for the taproom using beer, or our local spirits. If you ask him, he may even do one of his patented standing back flips!



Beertender - Entertainment Director

Rupert has been in Colorado most of his life. He's toured all around the world with a few different bands! As nice and awesome Rupert is, he's also got some incredible talents in music! Ask him sometime about the different world tours they did, it's fascinating!




Arizona native, but enjoys the cold and snow of Colorado much more! Steve loves dogs, beer, and going to concerts. A baseball and hockey fanatic at heart, and will beat you at brewery trivia!




Meritt recently moved up here from Florida. He works full time over next door at the bike shop, and riding the bike is his passion. You'll see Meritt out on two wheels just about every day!




Robert is with us while on break from his studies at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. A Colorado native, he spends most of the winters on the slopes and summers hiking out in the mountains.



Awesome Job

Come on down and join our awesome team! This place definitely doesn't suck!